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This record is for every nosy person that’s always poking & peeking around corners and all up in somebody else’s business. Whether its yo girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or family members. I think everyone can relate to this. #SumBusiness is a real song.


Kris Kelli

BlockENT/MMG Digital’s Music artist Kris Kelli is hitting the road with a her record “Me & You”. This time she brings in the BAWSE of all bosses… Rick Ross himself to add some edge to the sound!!



Going through some struggles early on in my career, I wanted to make a song people in the struggle and the streets can relate to. I’m from Memphis, TN and if you can survive that city, you are blessed. So I wanted to speak on the goals I’ve set; as we all would like to meet/make our goals. It’s more so of me saying “hey you can do it like David Beckham”