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I’m sure many of you have asked before if we’ve ever met, but this question never gets old. “What is Hypnotique and what does it mean?” Hypnotique is a brand and it represents all the curvaceous women in the world. It’s your walk, your talk, your style, the way you look, how you carry yourself, and more. It’s the total package of what makes you You! Be who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin. Every woman has a little bit of Hypnotique in them.

In 2012 the term Hypnotique had made a name for itself in different states. Women felt the need to be more outspoken and not hold back what they wanted to say, do, or wear. She was a role model. Ms.Hypnotique proved that she wasn’t afraid to show some skin.

Today she’s a role model for young women, a host for parties and events, a speaker on DJ Panels and Music Conferences. She continues to build her brand and take life one day at a time.

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